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The Sustainability Office typically hires 25-35 students a year to work on a number of different teams and projects focused on waste, climate, education and outreach, water, and energy conservation. To learn about the work the teams in our office do, please visit the Student Projects page.

Alden Thomas Turnbull Phinney

Biography, Education and Training

Alden is a student of Global Economics and Sustainability at the University of California Santa Cruz. He grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, close to the charybdian pull of politics in Washington D.C., and later moved to San Diego, California, to enjoy sun, sea and driving everywhere due to suburban sprawl. As a Carbon Neutrality Communications Fellow at UCSC, Alden is building an outreach and engagement plan for the campus’ Sustainability Office to dialogue with stakeholders around proposed carbon reduction initiatives; he is composing a proposal for a revolving loan fund for resource efficiency projects. Alden organizes with Fossil Free UC, a student and stakeholder campaign to divest the university from fossil fuels, and is interested in reallocating capital to revolutionize the energy sector.