Education & Outreach Team

Lindsey Jackson, Alessandra Alvares & Aleisha LaCruise


We work to foster a culture of sustainability at UCSC by sharing the campus' sustainability stories; engaging students, staff and faculty in campus sustainability efforts; and providing campus-wide advocacy for sustainability.  We provide information about why sustainability matters and support for taking steps to live more sustainably.

Our Education and Outreach team can help you share your sustainability stories with the campus community and get them involved in your efforts. Here's how!

Monthly newsletter

To contribute to our newsletter, email, your news item by the 15th of the month. Include a photo and any web links. Our newsletter is sent out on the 1st of Wednesday of every month, and you can view past issues here. Select stories from the newsletter will be featured on the front page of our website every month.

Social Media

Post your information and photos on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages by emailing In 100 words or less, tell us the important information and attach a photo and web link. If your organization or department has a social media site that needs more followers, we can promote it through our pages upon your request.