Past Projects

Past Internship Projects

Energy and Greenhouse Gases

   Climate Action Plan Update (2013-14)

   Establishing a Green Revolving Loan Fund - Sustainability Office Intern  (2012-13)


  Fostering Food Justice in Watsonville Intern - Colleges 9 & 10 (2016-17)

  Sustainable Supply Chain Engagement - Procurement Services Intern (2015-16)

  Food Justice and Sovereignty at Calabasas Community Farm in Watsonville - Colleges 9 and 10 Intern (2015-16)

   Program in Community and Agroecology (PICA) - Outreach Coordinator Intern (2014-15)   

   Program in Community Agroecology (PICA) - Events and Outreach Intern (2013-14)

   CASFS College Gardens Intern (2013-14)

   Designing a "Real Food" Calculator for UCSC - Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems and UCSC Dining intern  (2012-13)

   Diving into Sustainable Seafood Efforts on the UCSC Campus - Food Systems Working Group Intern (2012-13)

   Campus Garden Assessment- CASFS and Food Systems Working Group (2012-13)

   Campus Gardens Intern Guide- Stevenson College Garden Intern  (2012-13)

Land, Habitat, and Watershed

    Site Stewardship Program Intern - Ground Services (2016-17)

    Site Stewardship Outreach and Management Services - Ground Services Intern (2015-16)    

    Site Stewardship Outreach & Management Intern (2014-15)   

    Younger Lagoon Natural Reserves Stewardship Intern  (2013-14)

    Outdoor Etiquette and Outreach- UCSC Site Stewardship (2012-13)

Procurement and Business Contracts

    Procurement Equity Intern - Procurement Services (2016-17)

    Procurement Sustainability Intern - Procurement Services (2016-17)

    Addressing Supplier Sustainability Procurement - Procurement Services Intern (2014-15)    

    Creation of the Life Cycle Cost Analysis Tool - Green Purchasing Working Group Intern  (2012-13)

    Greenwashing education program for campus buyers - Green Purchasing Working Group Intern  (2011-12)


    Walk to Class Challenge Day - Transportation and Parking Services Intern (2013-14)

Waste and Recycling

   Zero Waste Mapping Technology Intern - Ground Services (2016-17)

   Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program - Environmental Health and Safety Education Intern (2013-14)

    Library Waste Diversion Intern - McHenry Library Intern (2013-14)

    Zero Waste -  Financial Affairs Intern (2013-14)

    Composting and Paper Towel Removal- Crown College Waste Reduction Intern (2012-13) 

    Assessing the needs of College Nine and Ten to promote Waste Reduction - Colleges Nine & Ten Waste Assessment Intern (2012-13) 

    Slugware: Creating a reusable dishware system for campus events - Student Environmental Center Intern (2012-13) 

    Paper towel removal pilot project - Stevenson College Intern (2011-12)

    Compost education program at Family Student Housing (2011-12)


    Water Conservation Coordinator - Energy Department (2016-17)

    Take Back the Tap Intern (2014-15)    

    Stormwater Research and Education Intern - Environmental Health and Safety Intern (2013-14)

Green Buildings 

    Rooftop Garden Feasibility Test - Humanities Division Intern (2015-16)    

    Green Building Checklist - Buildings and Facilities Work Group Intern (2014-15)

    LEED accreditation and documentation for campus building projects - Buildings and Facilities Intern (2011-12) 

    Green Building Outreach & Classroom Unit 3 Expansion (2011-12)

    Housing Sustainability Assesment (2011-12)


    Kresge Common Ground Center Events & Media Intern - Kresge College Intern (2014-15)    

Education & Outreach

    Amah Mutsun Relearning Program Environmental Justice Intern - UCSC Arboretum (2016-17)

    People of Color Sustainability Collective(PoCSC) PSI Intern (Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center) - PoCSC (2016-17)

    Arboretum Sustainability Intern - UCSC Arboretum (2016-17)

    Rachel Carson College Sustainable Systems Programs Intern - Rachel Carson College (2016-17) 

    Humanities Outreach & Engagement Intern - Humanities Division (2016-17)

    Common Ground Center Events and Outreach - Kresge College Intern (2015-16)

    Sustainability Studies and IDEASS Program Support - Rachel Carson College Intern (2015-16)

    Growing Sustainability at the UCSC Arboretum - UCSC Arboretum Intern (2015-16)