Zero Waste Team


Pictured above are: Elyse Doria, Kristen Lee, Jessica Calsada, Sydney Quynn, Sana Sheikholeslami

Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated students who plan on encouraging and inspiring UCSC to reach the UC Office of the President’s appointed goal to of zero waste by 2020. Through campus wide projects and outreach involving students, staff, and faculty alike, we seek to kindle awareness of waste reducing efforts across campus. While fostering this relatively new education of UCSC’s waste stream, we can succeed in reaching our Zero Waste by 2020 Goal.

Our successes

Campus Clean up, Zero Waste Stations, Providing Trash Talkers, Zero Waste Events

Future goals

More Zero Waste Stations, Expanded Zero Waste Events, More Zero Waste Education, Concrete Zero Waste infrastructure, Zero Waste Collaborations across campus 

Contact us


Facebook: UCSC Zero Waste Team

Instagram: @UCSCZerowaste

Twitter: @UCSCZerowaste