UCSC Living Laboratory 

A living lab is a place where problem-based teaching, research and applied work combine to develop actionable solutions that improve the sustainability of that place. At UCSC, living labs accelerate transitions to a more sustainable campus through partnerships with students, faculty, staff and local residents to design, implement, adapt and teach new approaches to address the three pillars of sustainability: equity, economy and ecology. Explore campus programs and projects that utilize UCSC as a living laboratory by viewing UCSC's Living Lab Map or by clicking the links below.

Campus Natural Reserves
Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems
Education for Sustainable Living Program
Impact Design: Engineering through Sustainability and Student Service
Instructional Greenhouses
Museum of Natural History Collections
Program in Community and Agroecology
Sustainability Project Clearinghouse
Kresge Garden
Life Lab Garden Classroom
Everett Program
Stevenson Garden