Sustainability Office Fee

Measure 45 provides $2.75 per undergraduate student each quarter for the Sustainability Office to hire student interns, fund collaborative projects outlined in the campus sustainability plan, and provide initial funds for a revolving loan fund for projects that implement sustainable and cost saving technology and practices. 33% of these fees go to help students receiving financial aid cover the cost of the fee. The Sustainability Office receives roughly $85,000 annually after this deduction. The fee has an ending date of summer quarter 2020.

The Sustainability Office has utilized these funds to support internship positions in the Campus Sustainability Office and in other departments across campus; provide staff support to student interns; and provide professional development and relationship-building opportunities to students working on sustainability issues, through conferences and workshops.

To follow is a summary of the number of people served through the Fee Measure since 2010.

Contribution 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
Staff Positions 3* 3* 0 1* 0
Student Interns 14 24 32 37 25
Sustainability Retreat Participants 90 100 100 120 101
Professional Development 8 2

* 2010-12 staff positions in the Sustainability Office- Internship Coordinator, Sustainability Coordinator, Administrative Support; 2013-14 Residential Coordinator staff position for the Program in Community and Agroecology.

2016-17 Internship Accomplishments

2014-15 Internship Accomplishments

2013-14 Internship Accomplishments

2012-13 Internship Accomplishments