Styrofoam Collection and Recycling Guide

To report a package ordered for university business purposes (non-laboratory sample related) that comes in foam packaging, please use the styrofoam packaging reporting form.

Future Collections:

Thursday - Aug 26, 2021 10am-2pm @ PBSci Loading Dock 

Last Collection:

Thursday - June 3, 2021 10am-2pm @ PBSci Loading Dock 

Division of PBSci: You can leave your Styrofoam and cardboard boxes in the hallways and Thimann Receiving will collect it for you. 

At our quarterly styrofoam collection we fill large bins of styrofoam to send to the Grey Bears recycling center. Because it is a mass collection, we need everyone’s help to make sure that the styrofoam fits the guidelines that Grey Bears has. 


Be sure to check your containers for any mail-back recycling programs!! Vendors such as Millipore Sigma, Sigma-Aldrich, and New England Biolabs have pre-paid recycling programs. Check your containers for more information. sticker-250x185.png
Double check your styrofoam rating. We can only take Styrofoam #5 or #6 (dense styrofoams), airy styrofoams (pictured here) such as #4 cannot be accepted. screen-shot-2019-06-03-at-1.45.12-pm-250x185.png
Filter out any non-white styrofoam. Grey Bears only accepts white styrofoam for recycling. Although styrofoam #6 can come in light greys or blacks—we can’t have them contaminating the rest of the white styrofoam. lotsocardboard250x185.png
Turn in clean styrofoam. Please help make the recycling process move quickly by taking off any tape or stickers that may be on the styrofoam prior to drop off. Sometimes a little bit of glue or residue may be on the styrofoam and that’s okay. If you’re unsure just bring it the day of drop off and ask the volunteers for their advice.

Packing Peanuts. Lastly just a reminder Grey Bears does not accept styrofoam packing peanuts so we will not be collecting them at our collections.


Interested in what products can be made from recycled sytrofoam? 

Being processed at Grey Bears
Ready to be shipped