Paper & Printing

We assess offices on their sustainable paper and printing practices, such as making a scratch paper bin available to the whole office, selecting the toner saving setting as the default printing setting on all computers, putting all printers/copiers/fax machines on energy saving mode, and centralizing printing. If your office needs more help on understanding sustainable methods of printing and recycling paper, please look at the valuable resources below.

  • Re-usable Printer Cartridges from Clover Technologies

Read this presentation outline for more information. Contact Kate Cunningham ( for any further questions.

Separating white paper is much more efficient and cost-effective than just recycling mixed-paper. The United States EPA has created guidelines for different academias to follow. Check it out!

Cut paper usage by half by printing double-sided. Here are simple instructions on how. 

Learn more about the advantages and reasons to purchase post-consumer waste paper. 


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