We assess offices on their sustainable purchasing practices, such as purchasing through local businesses, utilizing the UCSC Green Purchasing Guide, purchasing green electronics, and purchasing Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) paper. If your office needs more help on understanding sustainable purchasing, please look at the valuable resources below.

Use the green purchasing guide to make office supplies purchases.

Learn the best sources for goods and services, based on CruzBuy hosted catalog suppliers with discounts, and punchout suppliers. Access links to UCSC agreements with suppliers, and to UCOP Purchasing Agreements

Not sure what products are truly "eco-friendly"? Take the Greenwashing Training to learn more about ways to tell the difference between truly "green" products and those falsely marketed as such. Just log in to the UC Learning Center and search for "Greenwashing Training".

It's like Craigslist for UCSC! Look here for cheap, previously owned stuff.

Provided by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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