Resources for Green Offices

Case Studies

Wondering how previous offices have continued to integrate sustainability into their business and operations after the certification process is complete? These case studies provide innovative strategies and resources that we think you might find inspiring.

Recycling Guide

Recycling is an important aspect of waste but unfortunately, many people do not know exactly how to go about it. UCSC's Environmental Health and Safety made a simple, informative guide to to help make recycling understandable as well as accessible.

Purchasing Guide

Everyone can help make a difference in the environmental impact humans create. Simply changing what you purchase significantly reduces pollution and waste. Financial Affairs provides an excellent resource to help you see how you can personally reduce your carbon footprint by changing what you buy for the office. 

Greenwashing Training

Not sure what products are truly "eco-friendly"? Take the Greenwashing Training to learn more about ways to tell the difference between truly "green" products and those falsely marketed as such. Just login to the UC Learning Center and search for "Greenwashing Training". 


Learn more about the waste disposal process.

UC Policy on Sustainable Practices August 2010

A guiding document, originally signed by the UC President in 2003, that communicates sustainability and performance standards expected of all UC campuses.

UCSC Sustainability Office's Blog

Keep updated with UCSC's Sustainability Office's newsletters, profiles, green tips, events, and more.

Virtual Meeting Guidance

Can't make a meeting in person? Try a virtual meeting and help keep our environment sustainable by using fewer resources to attend meetings.

Pre-Break Checklist

Heading out of the office for vacation or break? Use this Pre-Break Checklist to ensure minimal energy use during the holidays.

Proper Signage for Paper, Recycling, and Food Waste

Get proper signage for your recycling bins, food compost bins, and mixed paper bins.