The IDEASS Network

Get Involved with IDEASS! 

There are many ways for businesses, non-profits, and community members to get involved with IDEASS. To get engaged, email your idea to

Propose Future Projects:

You are invited to suggest a project for a team of IDEASS students. This is a great way to educate and involve students in your organization or entrepreneurial idea. In return, you will benefit from nine months of the careful planning, hard work, creative thinking, and fresh perspectives that these undergraduate teams bring to each endeavor. Visit the UCSC Sustainability Project Clearinghouse and use the search term “IDEASS” for more information on completed and ongoing projects.

Become a Project Mentor:

In developing and implementing projects, students work with a community or campus mentor to define the scope and direction of selected projects. This involves ongoing communication and mentoring that builds meaningful relationships with students while furthering project goals.

Industry Sponsors:

IDEASS invites you to sponsor a team of students to work on YOUR sustainability challenge. When a business sponsors a project, they gain a team of enthusiastic, motivated students with the dedicated technical support of IDEASS instructors and mentors. Sponsors also participate in training the green economy workforce while supporting innovation in higher education.  By sponsoring a project, businesses engage the university and the community in their sustainability goals and opportunities.

Share Resources or Expertise:

During weekly seminars, students discuss sustainability concepts and implementation plans. IDEASS welcomes the presence of professionals or technical experts working with community organizations or business who can share knowledge and inspire students about sustainability endeavors in the Monterey Bay community.  Local organizations can benefit through new partnerships and networks that develop through IDEASS projects. Some organizations may be interested in making resources or workspaces available to project teams if they find they share mutual interests or objectives.

Make a Donation:

IDEASS is funded completely by grants and gifts. We appreciate all the support. If you would like to support by either donating money or equipment, please email