Certified Offices

Below is the list of every office that has successfully completed the Green Office Program and earned a Green Office Certification. Click on the name of an office to view its profile--see the staff, read a little bit about how the process was for them, and pick up some tips from a certified office. Certifications are good for 3 years.
  • Department/Office Green Office Certification Rating Quarter Year
    Physics  Sprout Spring 2017
    CHES Administration Sprout Winter 2017
    Stevenson Admin Sprout Winter 2017
    Undergraduate Education Sapling Winter 2017
    Heat Plant Sapling Fall 2016
    KZSC Sprout Fall 2016
    Summer Session Sprout Fall 2016
    Dean of Students Sprout Summer 2016
    Office of the Registrar Sapling Summer 2016
    Environmental Health & Safety Sapling Spring 2016
    Ethnic Resources Center Sprout Spring 2016
    Office of Admissions - Cookhouse Sapling Spring 2016
    Office of Admissions - Hahn Sprout Spring 2016
    Arboretum Sprout Winter 2016
    Financial Aid and Scholarship Office Sprout Winter 2016
    Learning Spaces Operations Sapling Fall 2015
    Risk Services Sapling Fall 2015
    Art Department Sapling Summer 2015
    Controller's Office (re-certified)  Tree Summer 2015
    Interdisciplinary Studies Sprout Summer 2015
    Payroll Office (re-certified) Sapling Summer 2015
    Academic Services Sapling Spring 2015
    Writing Program Sprout Spring 2015
    College Eight Sprout Spring 2014
    OPERS Sprout Spring 2014
    Physical Planning & Construction Sapling Spring 2014
    Kresge Housing Office Tree Winter 2014
    PBSCI Undergraduate Affairs Sapling Winter 2014
    Psychology Department Sprout Fall 2013
    Financial Accounting & Reporting Sprout Summer 2013
    BAS-Operations & Resource Management Sprout Spring 2013
    Financial Administrative Services and Transaction Sapling Spring 2013
    Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Services Tree Spring 2013
    Chancellor's Office Sapling Winter 2013
    Enterprise Financial Systems (re-certified) Sapling Winter 2013
    Extra Mural Funds Sprout Winter 2013
    Student Union Assembly Sprout Winter 2013
    Natural Reserves Sprout Fall 2012
    Sustainability Office Tree Fall 2012
    Procurement Services Tree Spring 2012
    Humanities Division Sapling Fall 2013
    Philosophy Department Sprout Spring 2016
    Writing Program Sprout Spring 2015
    Linguistics Department Sapling Summer 2015
    History Department Sapling Summer 2015
    Language and Applied Linguistics Sapling Spring 2016
    Literature Department Sprout Fall 2016

Procurement Services 

purchasing department team photo
Green Office Case Study: Procurement Services

"Being located at 2300 Delaware, we are always energized when we have the opportunity to interface with the student population at UC Santa Cruz.  The team that interviewed and audited us was focused, organized, and professional.  They also took care to be respectful or our time and workspace.

Additionally, this certification gave us an opportunity—as a department--to work together at a whole new level.  We had done some self-audits around waste, but were eager to learn about other resource reduction opportunities and behavior modifications that would further reduce our environmental impact.  After our initial assessment we challenged ourselves to reach for the trees!

Another great thing about our green office certification was the recognition!  One of our team members was interviewed for a Santa Cruz Sentinel article, and we were featured in the Sustainability Office enews letter.  In fact, our group photo was, for some time, featured on sustainability.ucsc.edu!"

Environmental Health & Safety

ehs department team photo(From left to right, back row - Karianne Terry, April Anstey, Brent Cooley, Pat Goff, Vern Area, Marcus Balanky, Dan Blunk, Kitty Woldow.  Front row from left to right - Justin Delemus, Conrad Sherman, Christina Lombardo, Jeanie Ramos, Lisa Wisser, Terra Haddad)

"The best part about the process was having a third party audit our current conditions and provide insight in areas where we can improve.  A lot of our work is related to sustainability, but at the same time we know there are things we could do to be greener.  We enjoyed working with a group of students that are motivated, engaged and focused on making positive changes on campus one office at a time. 

The Green Office Certification Program has been the building block for other sustainability programs very near and dear to us.  Our office has been involved in the development and implementation of the student led pilot project - the Green Labs Program.  We looked to the Green Office Program for leadership, guidance, creativity and knowledge.  It took a lot of energy and focus to get a new pilot program off the ground, but having the Green Office Program to lean on helped give the program a jump start. 

Our office is currently a sprout and we are looking forward to becoming a tree by making modifications to our behavior such as using reusable towels in the kitchen, adding a bike to our fleet and setting up a scratch paper bin for reuse!"

Natural Reserves

Natural Reserves 

(Alex Jones)

"The UCSC Natural Reserves office was proudly certified by the Green Office Certification (GOC) team during the 2012-2013 academic year. As an organization tasked with the protection and management of natural lands, our motivation to increase the energy efficiency and green practices of our office was strong and clear.

Prior to GOC, our office already engaged in sustainable practices such as using natural lighting, putting energy saving controls on computers, and recycling. The GOC team, however, was able to highlight a few areas for improvement, while encouraging us to continue on with our efforts. The GOC team was very professional throughout the certification process, and did a great job answering questions during the initial stages of the office green audit. In particular they were helpful in assessing whether or not it was more energy efficient to always leave our printers on, or to turn them off and enable their extremely long start-up operation.

Our office committed to the following sustainable practices: continuing to use natural lighting, bettering signage for our recycling bins, centralizing our purchasing to ensure the purchase of greener products, and using energy-saving settings on our computers and printers. With the help of the GOC, the UCSC Natural Reserves office has gained new tools to create a more sustainable working environment."

Controller's Office

controller's office team photo(from left to right are Ivan Ditmars, Scott Morley, Kirk Lew, Rebecca Huth)

"We had a couple of plug in heaters in the office along with a waterfall that plugged into the outlets. These devices have been removed from the building and are no longer being used. Kirk and I now use android tablets to reduce the amount of paper we use due to the amount of notes we take and pads of paper we go through. We are still waiting for our Smart Strips from the Green Office so we can put those to good use.
The best part of the certification process was making us aware of our sustainability behaviors. There are so many little things we can do as a whole to make the largest difference over time."
Payroll Office

payroll-office-photo (Back row, left to right: Bernadette Franzel, Esmeralda Sanchez, Megan Prandini, Kulvinder Johl, LeeAnn D'arcy-Levitre, Abby Tromblee
Front row, left to right: Walt Eissmann, Ericka Fleming)

"The Financial Affairs Department highlighted sustainability and "Go Green" offices practices at our annual summit and put forth the challenge to exceed UCSC's Zero Waste 2020 goal.  With the Purchasing Department leading the way at 2300 Delaware, it was easy to get on board with the assessment process.  

The Green Team, Casey and Leeza, was friendly and engaging.  Their visits were unobtrusive and the results of our assessment were encouraging.  The Green Team really took the time to highlight our strengths as an individual department, while illustrating improvement efforts that would be easy to implement and cost effective.  

As a department that is under constant critical deadline, we really appreciated the Green Team's flexibility and wiliness to work around our busy timeline: scheduling brief but information-packed sessions, for both our core team and larger group, at a time and place that worked best for us.  We were surprised and excited to learn that we have a worm bin at our location.  We were challenged to be more innovative about reducing our carbon footprint by carpooling, telecommuting and turning off our computers when we don't need to have them turned-on.

The final step in our assessment was to put up a paper tree in our office, listing "green" goals for our office.  Some goals are as simple as "remember to turn desk lamp off".  Others are more long-term, like "....research telecommuting options that support the University mission."  Everyone in the office has gotten into the habit of turning off our computers when we can, and turning off our monitors, at minimum, when we need to leave our machine's available for remote access.  We look forward to future collaborations and growing our "Green Rank" all the way to Tree."

Psychology Department 


(From left to right: Christina Ortega, Molly Whalen, Allison Land, Haley Rodarte, Samar Basravi, Donna Baldini) 

Kresge Housing Office

PBSCI Undergraduate Affairs 


(CJ Fagundes and Vanessa Schlegel) 

Physical Planning & Construction


College Eight 


(Susan Welte, Jan Burroughs, Sandy Craig Lord, Ronnie Lipschutz, Lauren Reed, Jo Chamberlain, Robin Rhodes)