Zero Waste


    UC Santa Cruz is committed to reaching the University of California Office of the President’s Zero Waste goals. UC Santa Cruz strives to not only to reduce the total amount of waste generated on campus but also to divert more waste from landfill. We have reached our waste reduction goal for 2020 and are working hard to increase our diversion rate from 51% (FY19) and decrease contamination in campus recycling. 




    Signage - new signage is being piloted and rolled out in Spring Quarter 2021! 


    • Attend the Sustainability Certificate Program's newest required core course - Beyond the Blue Bin: Understanding Zero Waste. Open to UC Santa Cruz faculty, staff, and graduate students. Register at the UC Learning Center for the next Beyond the Blue Bin course on May 5, 2021: 1:00 - 3:30pm.
    • The UC system has banned styrofoam packaging (with exceptions for lab/medical foam); UC Santa Cruz is working with current major contracted suppliers about compliance with the ban. Please use this form to report packages you've received that contain styrofoam (January 1, 2020 and onwards)!
    • Work in an on-campus laboratory and want to reduce your waste? Check out the Green Labs waste reduction page. To report a package ordered for university business purposes - non-laboratory sample related - that comes in foam packaging, please use the styrofoam packaging reporting form.
    • Follow the UC Santa Cruz Zero Waste Instagram account for zero waste information - @ucsczerowaste