Sustainability Topics & Working Groups

The Campus Sustainability Plan topic working groups are made up primarily of staff, with faculty and students also encouraged to participate. Each of the individual topic working groups is guided by a vision that supports UCSC’s broader sustainability vision. The campus is making a concerted effort to accommodate expanded student involvement as we move forward with Campus Sustainability Plan 2013–16 including coordination with the student-led Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus.

Click here to view the committee charges for the Working Groups. Visit the Project Clearinghouse for the most up-to-date information on current campus projects.

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    Awareness, Education & Engagement

    Scope and Purpose: Support sustainability education through curricular and co-curricular activities.

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    Buildings & Facilities

    Scope and Purpose: Design, build, operate, and maintain sustainable buildings and other UCSC facilities, to the maximum extent possible.

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    Energy & Greenhouse Gases

    Scope and Purpose: Reduce campus greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy use through conservation and distributive energy generation.

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    Scope and Purpose: Increase socially and environmentally responsible practices in campus dining operations, food vendors, and the broader campus community through research, education, and engagement in food systems.

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    Land, Habitat & Watershed

    Scope and Purpose: Increase education, research and conservation activities in the UCSC campus natural areas while supporting sustainable land, habitat, and watershed management practices.

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    Scope and Purpose: Reduce, reuse, and recycle; provide and promote sustainable alternatives in the procurement of goods and services; and leverage UCSC's market of influence to realize the university's sustainability vision.

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    Scope and Purpose: To provide and promote effective, equitable, and sustainable access to and around campus facilities.

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    Waste Reduction

    Scope and Purpose: Create, develop and implement programs and strategies to reduce waste on the UCSC campus.

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    Scope and Purpose: To research, develop, and implement programs and strategies that minimize potable water use on the UCSC campus.