Ways to Reduce Waste at UCSC

    Host a Zero Waste Event

  • A Zero Waste Event is an event that follows sustainable practices to send the least possible amount of waste to the landfill. This involves having a waste station to sort out trash, recyclables and compost. Learn how to host a Zero Waste Event.

  • Get Your Office/Lab Green Certified

  • The Green Office Certification Program works to empower campus offices to implement sustainable practices in their everyday operations. To get your office certified, click here for more information.

  • Receive Your Paycheck and W-2 Electronically

  • Thousands of pieces of paper are used every month to print paychecks. Help reduce paper use on campus by signing up for direct deposit and electronic W-2.

  • Know Your Resources

  • • Each college sister pair employs a Student Sustainability Advisor that can help you learn about sustainability and how to incorporate it into your daily life at UCSC. Talk to your College Programs Coordinator or your RA to get in touch with your Student Sustainability Advisor.

    • Get a compost bin for your on-campus apartment. Click here to fill out a Physical Plant work order to obtain a compost bin.

    • Check out the Campus Recycling Guide to discover where and how you can recycle different materials on campus, including unique items like electronics.

    • Learn how to make your next event zero waste at the Zero Waste Event Planning at UCSC website.

    • Make smarter choices when you shop by checking out UCSC's Green Purchasing Guide.

    • Want to make a difference? Get involved with the Student Environmental Center's Waste Prevention Campaign.

    • Learn more about trash and recycling in the greater Santa Cruz community? Check out this link to the City of Santa Cruz Resource Recovery Facility.

    • New students, reduce your waste as you move in! Click here to find out what you need to know.

  • What are Others Doing?

  • Learn about how students, staff and faculty are rising to the challenge of reducing their waste. Click here to learn more.