Student Staff

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The Sustainability Office typically hires 25-35 students a year to work on a number of different teams and projects focused on waste, climate, education and outreach, water, and energy conservation. To learn about the work the teams in our office do, please visit the Student Projects page.

Alden Thomas Turnbull Phinney

Biography, Education and Training

A self-starting senior at UC Santa Cruz, Alden will graduate in June 2017 with degrees in Business Management Economics and Sustainability Studies. Over his life, Alden has gained experience in renewable energy sales, climate action management and sustainable investing research. Rich analytical skills developed from economics and accounting coursework as well as independent projects and research reinforce his effective written and personal communication for a one-man force of entrepreneurial energy and energy entrepreneurship.

Alden is currently seeking employment in renewable energy business development at a clean tech start-up, established energy company, or resource management consultancy beginning in September 2017.