Sustainability represents new challenges for all sectors of society, and institutions of higher education provide the skills and knowledge to address those challenges. At UC Santa Cruz, students have many opportunities to integrate sustainability into their educational experience.

    Sustainability Programs & Departments

  • Daniel Press, Environmental Studies professor, looks at a map.

    Academic programs and classes in a variety of disciplines prepare students to analyze the connections between environmental, social and economic issues that pertain to sustainability. Learn about majors and minors that incorporate sustainability into their curriculum. Learn More >>

  • Sustainability Faculty & Research

  • Marine Ecology Professor and students conduct research.

    UC Santa Cruz was ranked second in the nation for research influence by the World University Rankings, and many of our faculty are engaged in innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship focused on understanding and solving global sustainability issues. Browse our list of faculty whose research relates in some way to sustainability. Learn more >>

  • Campus as a Living Laboratory

  • Student measuring diamater breast height of Oak tree.

    Academic learning is brought to life at UC Santa Cruz through a variety of opportunities that link research, teaching and campus operations by utilizing the campus as a living laboratory. Explore these opportunities in our campus' Living Labs Map.

  • Critical Environmentalisms

  • Serena CampbellThe Critical Environmentalisms project seeks to foster a critical, social justice-centered approach to environmental studies that centers on themes of power relations, (in)equity, accessibility, epistemology, and social (in)justice to study the interrelationships between humans, non-humans, and the environment. Learn more >>