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Welcome to UCSC Green Labs! The program includes a committee called the Green Labs Team, a certification program, and an education & outreach element that implements energy efficiency, waste reduction, and purchasing programs in campus labs!


The Green Labs program seeks to improve energy efficiency and increase green purchasing and waste reduction practices through behavior change, physical improvements, and education.

    UCSC Green Labs program has 3 goals:

  1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Lab buildings make up 47.4% of total electricity on campus

  2. WASTE REDUCTION: Lab Operations produce 12% of landfill-bound waste from campus

  3. GREEN PROCUREMENT: Laboratories are the single largest purchaser from CruzBuy

Simple Certification

Phase 1: Complete an Online Self-Assessment

45 minutes to 1 hour

Phase 2: Walk-through Evaluation

Less than 30 minutes

Phase 3: Follow-Up 

Less than 30 minutes


  • Recognition as a model for cutting edge laboratory sustainability
  • Increased research efficiency
  • Certified labs qualify for retrofit and equipment upgrade programs
  • Karma bonus points for environmental friendliness! 

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Interested in becoming a UCSC Certified Green Lab?

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Contact us at greenlabs-group@ucsc.edu!