Simple Certification or (every 5 years) Recertification

Complete an Online Self-Assessment 
Make a copy of our new in-house Green Lab Self-Assessment to begin.

1st) Green Lab Assessment - make a copy! (45 minutes to 1 hour)

2nd) Email the form to greenlabs-group@ucsc.edu or alternatively, contact us and we will come complete the assessment in your lab with you. 


  • Recognition as a model for cutting edge laboratory sustainability
  • Increased research efficiency
  • Access to resources provided by the UC Green Lab team
  • Certified labs qualify for retrofit and equipment upgrade programs
  • Karma bonus points for environmental friendliness! 

Certification Rankings

Levels of certification are determined by percentage points calculated based on the online self-assessment and walk-through evaluation.


Platinum (Pt): Achieved by labs with exceptional continuous sustainable practices and labs who maintain their level of certification by showing their overall commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. Labs must achieve 90% of total points to receive a Platinum certification.

Gold (Au): Granted to labs who incorporate an excellent amount of sustainable practices and labs devoted to goals of improvement. Labs must achieve 75% - 89% of total points to receive a Gold certification.

Silver (Ag): Awarded to labs who incorporated a great amount of sustainable practices. Labs must achieve between 61% - 74% of total points to receive Silver certification.

Copper (Cu): Given to labs who have incorporated a substantial amount of sustainable practices. Labs must be between 50% - 60% of total points to receive a Copper certification.