Upcoming Events

November 2019 Issue 

Open letter to our Undocumented Student Community: November 7th at 5:15pm
@Namaste Lounge, Colleges 9 & 10
A dialogue with students about UCSC services and on the issues we face as a campus community. At the October 18th meeting of the Undocumented Students Campus Planning Team, members of our community arrived to passionately share their view that UC Santa Cruz must increase its efforts to support the undocumented student community. The group expressed concern that financial support for undocumented student programs, services, and aid would decrease. We're writing to reaffirm that will not happen, and to express our continued strong support for the safety and wellbeing of our UC Santa Cruz undocumented student community.

Save The Waves Film Festival: November 7th at 7pm
Over the past decade, the Save The Waves Film Festival has screened some of the most beautiful and inspiring environmental surf films, focusing on surf adventure, ocean conservation, activism, plastic pollution, women’s empowerment, climate change and so much more. Save The Waves Film Festival is an international film tour and fundraiser for Save The Waves’ environmental programs and campaigns. We aim to educate and inspire our audiences to protect their coastlines and oceans. At Patagonia, 415 River St.

Monarch Butterfly Tour: November 9th at 11am
Stroll through the Monarch Butterfly Natural Preserve on a 1-hour guided tour. Monarch migration is variable, so be on the lookout for every splash of orange on the walk! To arrange a tour for groups of 10 or more, please visit http://www.thatsmypark.org. Event free. Vehicle day-use fee is $10. 

Basic composting workshop with Jeffrey Smedberg: November 10th at 1pm
Learn to turn kitchen scraps and yard waste into rich soil amendment for your garden and house plants. Includes an introduction to worm composting. Sponsor: Santa Cruz County Public Works Dept. At Quail Hollow Ranch County Park, Felton. Free! Contact: Jeffrey Smedberg, 824-6484.

American Indians 101: November 14th at 7pm
Explore the complex mosaic of American Indian culture and history during this overview of Indian Country. Through exploring five general regions of the United States, Dr. Rebecca Hernandez will share information about the history and culture of Native Americans as well as US policies that shape the contemporary lived experiences of tribal communities.  She has been the Director of the American Indian Resource Center at UCSC since 2014. Her academic research focuses on American Indian identity constructs in the United States and the Representation(s) of Native American People and Cultures in public space. Doors open at 6:45 p.m. Pre-registration highly recommended. Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

Self Care, Earth Care: November 14th at 3pm
Take care of the earth while taking care of yourself! Self Care, Earth Care will have zero waste cold remedies for you to make, take home, and enjoy! Stop by at Rachel Carson’s Red Room on Nov 14th from 3-4:30 to get well soon!

Climate Justice Presentation: November 15th at 5pm
The mission of Common Ground is to create cultural change for social justice, environmental regeneration, and economic viability. We act as a catalyst and facilitator of systemic change through undergraduate action-education, research, advocacy, and civic engagement. This evening’s speaker profiles and more coming soon. We will bring faculty, student orgs, and outside speakers to engage on the topic! 

Impactathon: Green Code: November 16th at 10am
The Everett Program looking for students to join their November 16 on-campus event focused on Storytelling for Climate Justice. If you are passionate about climate justice and learn how to create a code for your own interactive story game. Sign up now since space is limited. 

Community Science Fall Phenology Walks: November 16th at 11am 
Phenology is nature’s calendar - the timing of life cycle events, for example: when plants first bloom, birds migrate, and insects hatch. Monitoring phenology is important: changing phenology is a key indicator of climate change. It is a hot topic in climate change research. You may have even observed phenology change without realizing it, like if you noticed plants in your garden blooming earlier during warm years.
How Does An Earth-like Planet Get Made?: November 18th at 7pm
Featuring planetary scientist Lindy Elkins-Tanton. Earth is the only planet we know of––so far––that supports life. Why is that? How was Earth made, and why is it different from Venus and Mars? Though many things may help to make a habitable planet, only one thing is indispensable: liquid water. Tracking water through planet formation requires information not just from the Earth and other planets in our solar system, but from meteorites, observations of exoplanetary systems, and from theory. Together with new data from missions including Lindy’s own exciting Psyche mission, more of these questions are being answered. 

Are you Gender Awesome? : November 21st at 6pm
Women's Center @ Cardiff House
Is your gender identity wrapped with a sense of warm pride? Does the gender binary feel like a cold, restrictive box? or are you treading water somewhere in the vast space between? Grab a floaty or two and expand your language to include you and your gender awesome friends while building community at the Women's Center For info or accessibility needs contact the womxn's center. 

INDIGETHANX - Friday November 22nd at 7pm 
@Namaste lounge 
INDIGETHANX is an alternative celebration to Thanksgiving. It provides the America Indian Resource Center the opportunity to share traditional native foods and tribal foods traditions. Everyone is welcome to this special event. This year we will bo hosting a dinner so come hungry! Guest Speakers Maya Harjo & Ben Shleffar from the Cultural Conservancy. By UCSC American Indian Resource center

Quail Hollow Ranch History Tour: November 24th at 11am
Do you enjoy looking through old buildings and learning about their stories? Join history docent, Richard James, on a tour of the Quail Hollow Ranch House and learn about the history of Sun-Kissed Ranch, Sunset Magazine, and the pioneer families who made the ranch their business, home, and vacation haven. Children must be accompanied by an adult. 

Chat with Linda:  November 26th at 8am - 5 pm
Women’s Center - Cardiff House
Chat with the interim assistant vice chancellor of Diversity & inclusion. Teresa Maria Linda Scholz will be available to all. Dr. Scholz is first generation USAmerican and was a first-generation college student, raised in Guatemala and the United States. She positions herself as a Critical Latina/Latin American Transnational Feminist Scholar in Communication Studies, who is interested in understanding culturally situated theories of counterhegemonic enactments of rhetorical agency. As a scholar and Campus Diversity Officer, she is interested in identifying discursive and material counter hegemonic practices in social justice education, the connection between voice, victimhood, and agency, and the role that we all play in challenging, preventing, and resisting different forms of oppression while also co-creating and co-sustaining a healthy campus climateTake advantage of this great opportunity. Email odei@ucsc.edu for an appointment!

Sustainability Office Fall Lunch & Learn - Zero Waste: Thursday, Dec. 5th 11:30 am - 12:45pm
Namaste Lounge
The Sustainability Office invites you to join us for our Fall Quarter Lunch & Learn to hear an update on the status of UC Santa Cruz recycling, learn about exciting campus progress, and test your recycling knowledge! 
Lunch (veggie and vegan burritos) is first come first serve to the first 70 people.


October 2019 Issue

17th Annual Practical Activism Conference: October 19th at 10:30am
A day-long student-run conference featuring dynamic keynote speakers, provocative spoken word artists, 2 back-to-back sets of engaging workshops, creative activism opportunities, and tabling from organizations on campus and around the Santa Cruz community.

Veggie Voices: October 21st at 4pm 
A focus group for plant-based eating at UCSC Dining Halls.
Come discuss plant-based offerings on campus with our dining hall managers and executive chef Josh Martin!
Vegan desserts will be provided!

Growing People Film Screening: October 21st at 3pm 
This beautiful and inspiring short film by a UCSC alumna celebrates the significance of caring for the land through an intimate look inside the experiences of three Native Hawaiian youth at the MA'O organic farm in Oahu.Join us afterwards for a discussion with the film maker, Dana Forsberg; Kamula Enos, director of social enterprise from MA'O; and Albie Miles, partnering faculty at University of Hawaii-West Oahu.

Beyond Debate: Moving the Climate Conversation Forward: Thursday, Oct 24th at 4pm
Confused about Climate Change? Join us for an overview of the science of climate change, a clarification of myths and misconceptions, and a discussion on better communication strategies. Dr. Shahir Masri, ScD, co-founded a project called "On the Road for Climate Action," an effort to raise awareness about climate change by organizing educational climate events and giving public presentations across all 50 states. Learn more about Dr. Masri here

Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective: Thursday, October 24 at 7:15pm
Right Livelihood Film Series
At the Cowell Fireside Lounge.
With special guest Stuart Muir Wilson
Inhabit explores the many environmental issues facing us today and examines solutions that are being applied using the ecological design process called 'Permaculture'. Permaculture is a design lens that uses the principles found in ecosystems to help shift our impact from destructive to regenerative. Focused mostly on the Northeastern and Midwestern regions of the United States, Inhabit provides an intimate look at permaculture peoples and practices ranging from rural, suburban, and urban landscapes.

Future-Proof your Vegetable Garden: Improve Soil Health for Drought Resiliency: Nov 3rd, 9:30am
Healthy soil is the foundation of a productive, thriving garden. Fall is the perfect time to improve soil fertility for next year's harvest using thoughtful soil management to improve drought resiliency, reduce weed pressure and sequester carbon.
UC Master Gardener Delise Weir will discuss how to improve soil health in your vegetable beds through a deep dive on cover crops: why they are important, which to use for your particular needs and how to deal with them once they're grown. Learn basic low-till gardening techniques that provide optimal conditions for enhancing and sustaining biotic life in the soil, making essential nutrients more biologically available to plants. The class will conclude with Q&A from some CASFS surprise guests. All attendees will leave with some cover crop seed to plant at home. 
Online registration is free for all. Please reserve your seat, as space is limited.

Younger Lagoon Reserve Tours: November 7, 10am to 12pm
This 90-minute, behind-the-scenes hiking tour takes visitors into Younger Lagoon Reserve adjacent to the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Part of the University of California Natural Reserve System, Younger Lagoon Reserve contains diverse coastal habitat and is home to birds of prey, migrating sea birds, bobcats, and other wildlife. Come and see what scientists are doing to track local mammals, restore native habitat, and learn about the workings of one of California’s rare coastal lagoons. Younger Lagoon Reserve tours are free and open to the public. Space is limited to 14 participants. Advance reservations highly recommended; call 831-459-3800. Tours are best suited for children 10 years of age and older. Participants must be physically able to walk up and down steep inclines. Water and weather protection is strongly suggested.