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The Sustainability Office typically hires 25-35 students a year to work on a number of different teams and projects focused on waste, climate, education and outreach, water, and energy conservation. To learn about the work the teams in our office do, please visit the Student Projects page.

Kevin Viet Le
  • Department
    • Computer Science Department
    • College Ten
    • Baskin School of Engineering
  • Affiliations Sustainability Office, UC Observatories, College Ten, Baskin School of Engineering
  • Email

Research Interests

Crowd Sourcing, HCI, Social Good, Cybersecurity

Honors, Awards and Grants

  1. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Systems Publication
  2. Daemo: A Self-Governed Crowdsourcing Marketplace Publication
  3. Boomerang: Rebounding the Consequences of Reputation Feedback on Crowdsourcing Platforms Publication (Acknowledgement)
  4. Crowd Guilds: Worker-led Reputation and Feedback on Crowdsourcing Platforms Publication (Acknowledgement)