Decarbonization & Electrification Project Logo Contest


To all artists and would-be artists!

UCSC Decarbonization and Electrification Project Logo Contest


The UCSC needs a logo for our Decarbonization and Electrification efforts.
Our goal is to improve and highlight our electric infrastructure through education and art. We
would love to see your ideas for an Electric Slug logo to be used as the Decarbonization and Electrification mascot!  


First prize is $100, second prize is $50, multiple Honorable Mentions at $25


The University of California provides the campus with 100% renewable electricity through its Clean Power Program. The Campus Decarbonization and Electrification Task Force has investigated and laid the groundwork to implement a suitable replacement for campus fossil fuel energy delivery systems and equipment that consume fossil fuels. This project targets a 95% reduction in fossil fuels from the 2019 reference year. They identified specific actions for reducing Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions using current or emerging technologies, as well as leveraging strategies and projects that have already been identified and are underway. The final report recommended implementing regional ‘Decarbonization Stations’ which allows multiple buildings to be electrified and moved off of natural gas and implementing more EV vehicles on campus. The winning logo will be used on UCSC EV vehicles.  

You can learn more specifics from the Decarbonization and Electrification Predesign report or from the D&E website 

Here are the specifications:

  • Both color and black and white on a white background
  • May include text to help explain image or anything you believe to be in line with UCSC’s D&E efforts. Such as “Decarbonization and Electrification”, “Electric Slug”, etc. 
  • Vector graphics: The design will be used in a variety of applications such as decals on campus electric vehicles. It needs to look sharp and legible when reduced to 1-inch x 1-inch on letterhead but also bold and arresting when shown full-size on a PowerPoint slide or a banner
  • Sample Sammy the Slug logos illustrating styles for inspiration 
  • Can be square or circular format
  • Entries will be judged and voted on by your peer UCSC students. Strive for originality, memorableness, artistic merit, and conveying the message of a Fossil Fuel Free Future for UCSC
  • Must be a UC Santa Cruz faculty, staff or student to submit  
  • The number of entries per person is unlimited
  • All submissions are the property of UCSC Sustainability Office
    Deadline for submission is May 10, 2024
  • Submit your entry with this link to a Google Form
  • Send any questions you may have to:


   Good luck!  We look forward to seeing your great ideas!