Decarbonization & Electrification Living Lab

Living Lab - Decarbonization Station Design 
Innovative Course Design Opportunity
2024-25 Academic Year 


Faculty, lecturers, or Graduate Student Instructors (GSI) are invited to teach a 2024 fall, 2025 winter, or 2025 spring quarter course. The courses will engage class participants and the greater campus community in the creation of designs for UCSC’s future decarbonization stations. Please see supplemental project details.


  • Funding provided by The University of California Regents Climate Neutrality Initiative. Distributed by UCSC’s Sustainability Office and the Arts Research Institute
  • 1-2 courses are available. Interested teachers may propose two courses which build upon each other
  • Compensation processes vary greatly depending on the status of the applicant (academic faculty, lecturers, or GSIs). Appropriate funding, whether a course release or compensation, will be dependent on departmental standards. Funding will be available for course development, course instruction, and up to $4,000 in course materials/budget.


  • Available to all UCSC departments and majors
  • Available to faculty, lecturers, and GSIs
  • Required letter of support from chair 


  • Open enrollment, courses will be reviewed on a rolling basis
  • Once course is approved:
    • Awardee will work with the grantee team, their department manager, and the Academic Personnel Office to confirm compensation eligibility and amount. Upon confirmation of eligibility and compensation, a final award letter will be granted.
  • Creation of course description and Academic Senate approval: May or asap
  • Summer course development as needed: summer 2024
  • Course/s offered: Fall 2024, Winter 2025, or Spring 2025


Course selection is awarded by the UCSC’s Sustainability Office and the Arts Research Institute. The highest scoring applications will have clearly articulated their proposal and will have substantially demonstrated: 

  • A detailed explanation of deliverables (presentation and/or gallery display to decarbonization & electrification committee will be required).
  • How they will incorporate input from the larger campus community (including diverse campus groups).
  • A clearly justified budget. 
  • A brief description of the anticipated equity, diversity, inclusion & justice impacts resulting from your proposal.

Required information: 

Course Name
Faculty/lecturer Name 
Quarter offered (Fall, Winter, Spring)
Course Materials Funding Request (maximum of $4,000 allowed)
Applicant’s resume/CV and/or explanation of qualifications 
Course/s description
Option for additional files, websites, portfolios, materials or other supporting documents 

We are excited to brainstorm this project with you! If you are interested in teaching this course/s please contact Ellen Vaughan, Assistant Director of Sustainability for Operational & Strategic Initiatives,

Thank you for your interest in advancing UCSC’s decarbonization & electrification effort!