Sustainability & Social Justice Inter-Organizational Retreat 2022

March 11, 2022


The Sustainability & Social Justice Inter-Organizational Retreat:
More than 100 UCSC students, staff, and alumni, will spend the weekend sharing meals, learning leadership skills, participating in visioning activities around the past, present, and future of UCSC sustainability, making new friends, and strengthening existing relationships. We invite guest speakers to present on sustainability and social justice issues. Students lead workshops about projects on campus with opportunities to collaborate! We hope you'll join us.

Theme - Tending the Garden: Tools for Change and Climate Optimism

Inter-Org 2022 will highlight tools for individual and community care to nurture ourselves and the earth so we can ensure it is inhabitable for future generations. Aware that our ecological and social challenges are inseparable while disproportionately impacting BIPoC, students will learn the importance of community building as a form of sustainability, healing, and resistance. By tending the garden, both literally and metaphorically, we ground collectively in earth to process climate doom narratives and realities. At this year’s retreat, we hope to advance transformative and innovative solutions that account for all life and infuse optimistic energy within the participants.

Tending the Garden will include three options for attendance:

1.🌈 FULL EXPERIENCE: entire conference in person (including Saturday overnight stay)–🤩 best option!
2.🌜 HYBRID EXPERIENCE: a mix of in-person and online attendance (NO overnight stay)
3.💻 REMOTE EXPERIENCE: entirely remote attendance (for selected events only)

Everyone is welcome to attend the opening Friday night.
1. Those choosing the 🌈 FULL EXPERIENCE will be picked up Saturday morning to go to Camp Campbell and return to Santa Cruz on Sunday afternoon.
2. Those choosing the 🌜 HYBRID EXPERIENCE will return to Santa Cruz on Saturday night.
3. Those choosing the 💻 REMOTE EXPERIENCE will be able to stream selected events.

Food will be provided free of charge throughout the retreat as well as housing at the YMCA Camp Campbell. Although there is no fee to attend Inter-Org Retreat, RSVP is still required by the deadline, March 15th (extended from March 8th). 

We are now at capacity, so by registering now you will be added to the waiting list (only do so if you are 100% sure you can attend). 

You will be contacted as late as couple days before the event if spots become available.

Learn More:
 Watch a video about the Retreat made for Giving Day.


Past Retreat Photos: