Inter-Organizational Retreat 2023


 April 14 - 16, 2023


Deadline extended! Please RSVP by April 4th at 12 pm here:


The Sustainability & Social Justice Inter-Organizational Retreat:

Inter-org is a 3-day retreat where student organizations get together to learn about sustainability and social justice. Its purpose is to have organizations interact, form bonds, and make new memories with each other through workshops, and team-building activities.

More than 100 UCSC students, staff, and alumni will spend the weekend sharing meals, learning leadership skills, participating in visioning activities around the past, present, and future of UCSC sustainability, making new friends, and strengthening existing relationships. We invite guest speakers to present on sustainability and social justice issues. Students lead workshops about projects on campus with opportunities to collaborate! We hope you'll join us.

Theme - Another World Is Possible 
Another World Is Possible seeks to expand our knowledge and willingness to implement alternate approaches to some of our society’s toughest problems. Expect in-depth conversations where we truly express ourselves and explore a number of modern socio-economic issues from the local to the international scale.

Please RSVP at

Food will be provided free of charge throughout the retreat the entire weekend as well as accommodation at the YMCA Camp Campbell. Although there is no fee to attend Inter-Org Retreat, RSVP is still required by the deadline, April 4, 12 pm, 2023.

Submit workshop ideas:
Sign up to lead a workshop or host a discussion about a movement close to your heart. All workshop ideas are accepted! Students in the past have held sessions on zero-waste art & healing through eco-grief. 

Inter-Org 2023 will cover topics related to 
- Climate Change/Environmental Justice
- Transformative Economics
- Sustainable Agriculture
- Climate Anxiety
- Holistic Healing Methodologies

If interested fill out this workshop form 

Volunteer Opportunities: 
This unique and free retreat is planned by students, for students. As the part of Sustainability Office, we are also reaching out to our peers, organizations, and resource centers to help plan and organize this event!

Programming - Focus on Keynote Speakers & Workshops
Work Includes: 
- Creating workshop submission forms
- Advertise, Request Workshop submissions
- Decide workshops, schedules, and activities
- Make agenda for workshops

Logistics - Focus on Cabin, Transportation, Food
Work Includes:
- Placing people into cabins based on rsvp
-Making lists of each of the cabins with name
-Coordinate off and on-campus transportation to the YMCA
-Coordinate with caterers, and food planning

Outreach - Focus on Communications and Engement
Work Includes:
-Connecting with organizations to promote Inter-Org
-Creating graphics and social media posts
-Creating Social Media posts

If interested please fill out this volunteer form

Learn More:
 Watch a video about the Retreat made for Giving Day.


Past Retreat Photos: