McHenry Library Goes Solar!

October 06, 2013

Patrick Testoni, UCSC Energy Manager stands in front of the completed McHenry Library PV array.
This summer, UCSC completed installation of the first onsite renewable power system at McHenry Library. This 250kW photovoltaic array is located on the roof of the newly renovated and expanded library, and it will provide 25% of the annual electrical energy needed for the building. More importantly, it will provide 75-100% of the power needed for the building during peak times of year. 

This project forwards UCSC’s commitment to clean energy and lower carbon footprint by reducing the campus’ use of fossil fuel generated electricity. This project is a result of a collaborative effort between campus staff, faculty, administration, students, and local solar companies. Next time you are at the McHenry Library, look for the informational kiosk and web link that will allow you to view the performance of the solar photovoltaic array in real-time. 
Special thanks go out to the diligent work of Kate Cunningham, UCSC Procurement Specialist; Kevin Foisie, UCSC Project Manager; Patrick Testoni, Campus Energy Manager; Lacey Raak, Sustainability Director; Henry Salameh, Interim Director Physical Plant; Peggy Delaney, Vice Chancellor of Planning and Budget, and many others who supported this project.