Just Transition and Equity Analysis

Just Transition & Equity Analysis is ongoing!

January 08, 2024

By ileana Ortega Brunetti, Assistant Director of Sustainability for Equity and Curricular Programs 


UC Santa Cruz was the first UC location to undertake a Just Transition and Equity Analysis as part of its mike-hanson-port.340.jpg Decarbonization and Electrification efforts. This frontline body of work was led by the campus' Just Transition and Equity (JT&E) Subcommittee, co-chaired by myself, ileana Ortega Brunetti and Mike Hanson Director of Physical Plant Services being recognized as the Sustainability Champion this month. The Just Transition and Equity Report is currently being submitted to campus leadership early this month and contains initial findings and recommendations. 

Through this effort, the Subcommittee examined equity considerations and impacts via case studies, including electrifying a dining hall, the construction order of the college pair decarbonization stations, and impact to skilled trades. This report is the culmination of inclusive stakeholder engagement, informational interviews and equity data analysis of existing data. 

You can learn more and stay up to date on this work on our Social Justice and Inclusion webpage.