Press Release Home Office Assessment Challenge

December 09, 2020


By Kaya Geck, Green Office Certification Coordinator

The Green Office Certification Program staff is excited to announce the relaunch of the Home Office Assessment Challenge. Now that everybody who is able to work at home is doing so, we should look at ways to stay green during quarantine! Now that you are acclimated to your home office, you should make sure you are being as sustainable as you possibly can. So, check out the Home Office Assessment Challenge

Through this challenge, you assess your emissions, water, waste, and environmental justice impact to get a score! And as another incentive, the person with the highest score wins a $75 Patagonia gift card with two runner-up $50 cards. It's a win-win situation! Save the planet, and maybe get some sustainable swag in return. 

Cindy Delgado from the Office of Risk Services was one of the first people to complete the new and improved Home Office Assessment Challenge, “I learned about additional areas to improve upon sustainability in my home office” she explained.

The Green Office Team is inspired to see people excited about living and working sustainably. We hope this sparks some joy, and provides a valuable learning opportunity during this challenging time. Check out the challenge today!