June 2019: Alysia Tran and Shirley Chun

June 05, 2019

Alysia Tran and Shirley Chun

This month we had the privilege to interview our two Education and Outreach members, Shirley Chun, and Alysia Tran, who will be graduating this Spring. While we are sad to let them go, we are extremely proud of these sustainable banana slugs! We wish them the best in their future and hope that the Sustainability Office has given them the resources to succeed in their upcoming careers. Congrats Grads of 2019! 

  1. What's your favorite memory working at the Sustainability Office?

Shirley: "My favorite memory working at the office is tabling at all the different events around campus. It’s a lot of fun getting to engage with people about sustainability and getting to know their stories."

Alysia: "My favorite memory working at the office is bonding with my E+O team! I am grateful for my amazing team and how well we work with each other."

  1. While working in the office have you received any training, opportunities, or events that have helped you in your major or future jobs? If so which are they?

Shirley: "I have learned a lot from working in the office. Through participating in different sustainability events, tabling, working on newsletters, and collaborating with other teams in the office, I have learned a lot about sustainability, what it means to be sustainable, and the various ways to address climate change. I have also gained experience with marketing and promoting events through social media." 

Alysia: "As an aspiring software engineer, I feel that my position as a Website Assistant and Graphic Designer really allowed me to gain more experience in the field. I got to manage our Sustainability Office website and was in charge of making any necessary edits and updates to it. I also was in charge of making and banners and flyers for the teams across our office which allowed me to improve on my creativity. Throughout it all, I was able to expand on my skills and learn many new ones which have helped me become more well-rounded."

  1. What is your major and how has the sustainability office help you achieve it?

Shirley: "As an Environmental Studies/Economics major the sustainability office has given me the opportunity to gain more hands on experience with both majors. Through all the different sustainability events, tabling, newsletters, and collaboration with other teams in the office, I have learned so much about sustainability and what it means to be sustainable. "

Alysia: "I am a Computer Science major, and I believe that my position in the office has allowed me to gain more experience in what it takes to manage a website, and it also allowed me to become more creative as I created banners and flyers. Working at the office has also allowed me to learn more about sustainability, and what it is about. "

  1. Tell us about your experience at InterOrg 

Shirley: "InterOrg was a lot of fun! It was my third time attending the event, and my first time being involved in the planning process. It was really fun getting to spend the weekend away in the forest and getting to connect with students from different organizations."

Alysia: "I had so much fun at InterOrg! This year was my first InterOrg, and I really enjoyed spending the weekend with my coworkers and getting a chance to bond with not only our Sustainability Office but with other campus organizations as well. It was also an awesome experience being a part of the planning process and to see all the behind the scenes of what it takes to plan for the event!"

  1. Is there something you would like UCSC students to know about the Sustainability office? 
Alysia: "Everyone at the office is super nice and friendly! Also, everyone seems to be doing literally everything which is really inspiring!"
  1. What is something you recommend to interns at the Sustainability Office? 

Shirley: "I would recommend reaching out and getting to know everyone at the Sustainability Office, everyone is super friendly! I also recommend going out and participating in the different sustainability events, they’re a lot of fun and it’s a good way to meet new people and learn something new!"

Alysia: "I would recommend everyone to apply to work at the Sustainability Office because you will get a chance to grow on any desired skill and to work with other like-minded and motivated individuals. Once you are at the office, don’t be afraid to try things outside your comfort zone and to take on tasks outside your area! "