Sustainability Certificate Program

Sustainability Certificate Program 2023 Graduation

2023-24 Sustainability Certificate Program 

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Examine sustainability through multiple lenses and develop knowledge and strategies for building a more inclusive and sustainable campus. Current staff, faculty, and graduate students are eligible to participate. To complete the certificate, participants must complete the five core courses and one elective within two academic years.

Learn more about the faculty, staff, and community experts who are serving as Program Instructors

Please review our Course descriptions and cancelation policy. Be sure you understand our cancellation policy before registering. 

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2023-24 Courses in chronological order 


FALL 2023 Courses 

October 11th (1-3:30) Sustainability at the UC (1 of 2) - Virtual via ZOOM

November 1st (1-5:00) Sustainability at the UC & KICK OFF celebration (2 of 2) - IN PERSON

December 6th, 2023 (1-3:30) Climate Justice* - Virtual via ZOOM

December 13th (1-3:30) Beyond the Blue Bin: Understanding Zero Waste (1 of 2) IN PERSON


WINTER 2024 Courses

January 24th (1-3:00) Green Offices (1 of 2) - IN PERSON

February 14th (1-4:00) Intersections Between Diversity & Environment (1 of 1) - IN PERSON

February 28th (1-3:00) Climate Science & Policy (1 of 2) - Virtual via ZOOM

March 6th (1-3:30) Sustainable Cities & Social Equity* - Virtual via ZOOM

March 20th (1-4:00) Transportation For All: Sustainability, Land-Use, & Mobility Justice - Virtual via ZOOM


SPRING 2024 Courses

April 3rd (1-3:30) Beyond the Blue Bin: Understanding Zero Waste (2 of 2) Virtual via ZOOM

April 24th (1-3:00) Climate Science & Policy (2 of 2) - IN PERSON

May 1st (1-3:00) Green Offices (2 of 2) - Virtual via ZOOM

May 15th (1-2:15) Community Engagement* - IN PERSON

elective courses.

Register at the UC Learning Center, starting September 12.

2023-24 Courses by Type


CORE Courses

• Sustainability in the UC (core) - 2 offerings:
- October 11 and
November 1

• Beyond the Blue Bin: Understanding Zero Waste (core) - 2 offerings:
- December 13 and
- April 3rd

• Climate Science & Policy (core) - 2 offerings: 
February 28th and
- April 24th 
• Green Offices (core) - 2 offerings:  
- January 24 and
- May 1
Intersections Between Diversity & Environment* (core) - 1 offering:   
- February 14 

Transportation for All: Sustainability, Land-Use, and Mobility Justice (core) - 1 offering:
- March 20

Elective Courses

• Climate Justice (elective) - 1 offering:
- December 6

• Sustainable Cities & Social Equity (elective) - 1 offering:
 - March 6
Community Engagement (elective) - 1 offering:
- May 15
(prior to class 2 hours of volunteer work of your choice is required - see the course description for more information.)


Additional Information

There is no formal enrollment into the program or pre-requisite to join. Simply enroll in the courses you would like to take. We encourage you taking Sustainability in the UC as the year begins, but if you missed it, you can take it on the following year.

If you have issues or need assistance registering for courses, please contact

Email with questions about the program.

* If you have taken the Intersections Between Diversity & Environment class through the Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program (within the two-year time-frama), you do not need to take it again through the Sustainability Certificate Program.

Read our Annual Reports to learn more about the program.