Sustainability Certificate Program

Sustainability Certificate Program 2020 Graduates

Examine sustainability through multiple lenses and develop knowledge and strategies for building a more inclusive and sustainable campus. Current staff, faculty, and graduate students are eligible to participate. To complete the certificate, participants must complete the six core required courses and one elective within two academic years.

2020-21 Program 

NOTE: All classes will be held remotely via Zoom fall quarter 2020.

Register for classes at the UC Learning Center starting late September. Priority registration for anyone who has previously completed a class in the program begins a week before campus registration. To assist you in the registration process, please review our Course descriptions and registration instructions. Be sure you understand our cancellation policy before registering. 

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20-21 Course list coming soon (but will be similar to 19-20 below)

2019-20 Program

  • Sustainability in the UC (core) - 2 offerings:
    • Sustainability in the UC 
    • Sustainability in the UC 
  • Climate Science & Policy (core) - 2 offerings:
    • Climate Science & Policy 
    • Climate Science & Policy  

  • Beyond the Blue Bin: Understanding Zero Waste (core) - 2 offerings:
    • Beyond the Blue Bin: Understanding Zero Waste 
    • Beyond the Blue Bin: Understanding Zero Waste
  • Green Offices (core) - 2 offerings:
    • Green Offices 
    • Green Offices 

  • Intersections Between Diversity & Environment* (core) - 1 offering:
    • Intersections Between Diversity & Environment 

  • Sustainable Cities & Social Equity (elective) - 1 offering:
    • Sustainable Cities & Social Equity 
  • Fostering Sustainable Behavior (core) - 2 offerings:
    • Fostering Sustainable Behavior 
    • Fostering Sustainable Behavior 

  • Climate Justice (elective) - 1 offering:
    • Climate Justice 

Additional Information

If you have issues or need assistance registering for classes, please contact

Email with questions about the program.

* If you have taken the Intersections Between Diversity & Environment class through the Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program, you do not need to take it again through the Sustainability Certificate Program.

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