Vote YES on Fee Measure 76

April is here with beyond warmer temperatures and more sun-soaked hours, which means the campus election is right around the corner! Please VOTE on Measure 76!

April 08, 2022


This year, the election runs from April 18th to April 25th and the Sustainability Office has placed a fee measure on the ballot. Fee Measure 76, also known as the Sustainability Office Fee, will impose a $3/quarter fee on all undergraduate students and will increase by 3% each year until it sunsets in the summer of 2032.

A similar fee, Fee Measure 45 ($2.75/quarter/undergrad) supported the Sustainability Office’s efforts to foster a culture of sustainability across campus from 2010 - 2020, by which time it expired and COVID-related challenges have prevented a renewal, until now! 

Fee Measure 76 will provide around 25 students the opportunity to work in the Sustainability Office annually, advocating for sustainable change and gaining professional skills to be highly competitive after graduation. The fee will also support professional development opportunities for students such as travel to attend or present at conferences. Additionally, the fee supports large-scale programming like the Sustainability and Social Justice Interorganizational Retreat which creates space for students to gather to gain knowledge, network, and rejuvenate through sustainability and social justice. This weekend-long event is offered at no cost to students and in the past decade, 1,000 students have participated. 

If supporting students while elevating sustainability work across campus interests you, these are a few ways you can show your support for Fee Measure 76:

  • If you’re a student, vote!; 
  • Everyone can spread the word, let your friends, classmates, teammates, and others know about the election and the Sustainability Office Fee Measure;
  • Reshare Fee Measure 76 social media posts from UCSCsustainability; and,
  • Share your own experiences with sustainability on campus, be sure to tag us!