Carbon Fund Committee

Top row (left to right): Anna (Enviroslug), Julia Cheresh (GSA), Rona Berger (CNI Fellow), Elida Erickson (SO), Geovany Villasenor (SO), Bottom Row (left to right): Valeria Paredes (POCSC), Sarah Gilchrist (Energy), Sonali Goyal (SO) Not pictured: Adam Millard Ball (Faculty Advisor), Sydney Repp (Enviroslug), Stephanie Lopez (Procurement), Dezi Bunio (SO)

Carbon Fund Committee meetings are also open to the public. Interested students, staff, faculty or community members may attend but do not have speaking rights unless requested in advance. If you are interested in attending please contact the Carbon Fund staff beforehand.

Voting Members

  • Sydney Repp Member of Enviroslug (student)
  • Valeria Paredes Member of People of Color Sustainability Collective (student)
  • Rona Berger Member of Sustainability Office (student)
  • Julia Cheresh Representative of GSA (student)
  • Adam Millard-Ball Faculty Advisor (staff)
  • Stephanie Lopez Procurement Services (staff)
  • Sarah Gilchrist Energy Analyst (staff)

Non-Voting Members

  • Geovany Villasenor Carbon Fund Coordinator (student staff)
  • Sonali Goyal Carbon Fund Coordinator (student staff)
  • Elida Erickson Sustainability Programs Manager and Interim Director (staff)
  • Dezi Bunio Carbon Fund Coordinator (student staff)

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Stay updated on Committee activity, read our meeting Minutes & Agenda.