Assessment Challenge Rankings

Official Home Office Assessment Challenge Ranking Site

Welcome to the final Home Office Assessment Challenge official rankings page! Thank you to all that participated! If you didn't have a chance to participate in the challenge, but are still interested in the sustainability of your home office don't worry! The challange is still posted on the main page.  

Scoring : 

Assessment scoring guidelines
Tree 30.5 and above
Sapling 20.5 - 30
Sprout 10.5 - 20
Seed 0 - 10


Last Updated June 24th, 2021 

Name  Score 
Elliott Campbell  Tree
Sierra Anderson  Tree 
Lucas Gasperik Tree
Jill Tree
Aaron Zackmeier Tree
Tina Mathrani Tree
Hillary Schalit Bennett Tree
Eamonn Tree
Alison Tassio Tree
Katrina Ricca Tree
Breanna Van Otterloo Tree
Deborah Bryant Tree
Amy Kaskowitz Profitt Tree
Melinda Mcnutt Tree
Michael Luttrell Tree
Darren Tree
Kristen Liske Tree
Yi-Yen Sapling
Sara Puhl  Sapling 
Amy Hyler-Essig Sapling
Cindy Delgado  Sapling
Renee Cailloux Sapling 
Patrick  Sapling 
Janelle Maguire  Sapling 
Savanah Headstone Sapling
Aubrie Sapling
Christi Voenell Sapling
Enisha  Sapling
Mehul Kamran Sapling 
Mariko Sapling
Sonya P Sapling 
Linda Hunt  Sapling 
Erika Sapling
Nathan Weiner Sapling
Dana Sapling 
Tuong Sapling
Kim Czupil Sapling
Ellen Vaughan Sapling
JC Sapling
Jennie Sapling
LJ Sapling
Philip Johnston Sapling
Deb Newman Sapling
Aleisha Sapling
April Z Sapling
Ruby Guevara Sprout
Collin Cowsill Sprout
Esperanza Sprout
Kristen Lee Sprout