Certified Offices

Below is the list of every office that has successfully completed the Green Office Program and earned a Green Office Certification. Certifications are good for three years.

  • Certified Offices
    Department/Office Green Office Certification Rating Quarter Year
    Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Advising Office Sapling Winter 2023
    Office of Admissions - Hahn Sprout Winter 2022
    Student Business Services Sprout Winter 2020
    Genomics Institute Sprout Winter 2020
    Cowell Advising Department Sprout Winter 2020
    Physics Department Sapling Winter 2020
    Astronomy Department Sprout Winter 2020
    Earth and Planetary Sicences Dept Front Office Sapling Fall 2019
    Stevenson Admin Sprout Fall 2019
    Art Department Tree Fall 2019
    Library: Business Services Department Sapling Spring 2019
    Library: Services and Resource Sharing Department Sprout Spring 2019
    Library: Planning & Budget Department Sapling Spring 2019
    Office of Research Sprout Spring 2019
    Learning Support Services Sprout Spring 2019
    Division of Graduate Studies Sprout Winter 2019
    Work Management Sprout Winter 2019
    RCA/Casa Latina Sapling Winter 2019
    Sociology Department Sprout Winter 2019
    University Relations Sprout Fall 2018
    Research Compliance Sapling Fall 2018
    SBS (SVC) Sapling Spring 2018
    Risk Services Tree Winter 2018
    Student Success Sapling Fall 2017
    Office of the Registrar Tree Fall 2017
    Financial Accounting & Reporting Sapling Fall 2017
    Financial Administrative Services and Transaction Sapling Fall 2017
    Extra Mural Funds Sapling Fall 2017
    Procurement Services Sapling Fall 2017
    Enterprise Financial Systems Sapling  Fall 2017
    Payroll Office Sapling Fall 2017
    Controller's Office Tree Fall 2017
    Social Science Dean Sapling Summer 2017
    Library Business Office Sapling Summer 2017
    Arboretum Sapling Spring 2017
    CHES Administration Sprout Winter 2017
    Undergraduate Education Sapling Winter 2017
    Heat Plant Sapling Fall 2016
    KZSC  Sproud Fall 2017
    Summer Session Sprout Fall 2016
    Dean of Students Sprout Summer 2016
    Philosophy Department Sprout Spring 2016
    Environmental Health & Safety Sapling Spring 2016
    Ethnic Resources Center Sprout Spring 2016
    Office of Admissions - Cookhouse Sapling Spring 2016
    Language and Applied Linguistics Sapling Spring 2016
    Office of Admissions - Hahn Sprout Spring 2016
    Literature Department Sprout Fall  2016
    Financial Aid and Scholarship Office Sprout Winter 2016
    Writing Program Sprout Spring 2015
    Learning Spaces Operations Sapling Fall 2015
    Art Department Sapling Summer 2015
    Interdisciplinary Studies Sprout Summer 2015
    History Department Sapling Summer 2015
    Linguistics Department Sapling Summer 2015
    Academic Services Sapling Spring 2015
    College Eight Sprout Spring 2014
    Vice Chancellor of FOA (former BAS - Business and Administrative Services) Tree Spring 2013
    OPERS Sprout Spring 2014
    Physical Planning & Construction Sapling Spring 2014
    Kresge Housing Office Tree Winter 2014
    PBSCI Undergraduate Affairs Sapling Winter 2014
    FOA-Division of Finance, Operations and Administration (former BAS) Sprout Spring 2013
    Chancellor's Office Sapling Winter 2013
    Student Union Assembly Sprout Winter 2013
    Humanities Department Sapling Fall 2013
    Psychology Department Sprout Fall 2013
    Natural Reserves Sprout Fall 2012
    Sustainability Office Tree Fall 2012
    Cantu/GLBTI/Queer Center Sapling Winter 2012