Resources for Green Offices

Recycling & Waste

Recycling and waste are two key areas that can impact an office's carbon footprint, but many people may not be disposing of items correctly. Visit our recycling and waste page for information on guidelines for waste disposal on and off campus.


Energy is one of the three main areas of assessment for the Green Office Certification, but many offices may not know how much energy their appliances and supplies are actually using. Our resources touch on phantom energy, computer energy, and lighting. 


Water is another essential area of assessment for your office's sustainability standing. Checking for leaks and conserving water are just two ways to decrease your office's water footprint. 

Sustainable Home Offices

Many of us are now working remotely. While this can be a big change, it doesn't mean that we can't work to make our home offices sustainable! Check out some resources that can help reduce your home office's carbon footprint.

Green Purchasing

UCSC has a Green Purchasing Guide as well as other resources on campus surplus, best practices, and even a short training to help educate staff about the problems of Greenwashed products.

Paper & Printing

Learn how to reduce your environmental impact through best printing practices and how to make some typically printed processes digital.

Travel & Transportation

Find out how to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling around Santa Cruz, including some great resources for bikes and biking to work!

Kitchen & Shared Areas

While not all offices include a kitchen or communal space, these areas can lead to under-the-radar energy use and waste. 

Green Office Case Study

Wondering how previous offices have continued to integrate sustainability into their business and operations after the certification process is complete? This case study of the Financial Affairs Office provides innovative strategies and resources that we think you might find inspiring. 

UCOP Campus Sustainability

Check out the UCOP website on UC-wide sustainability policies and initiatives on all campuses. 

Pre-Break Checklist

Heading out of the office for vacation or break? Use this Pre-Break Checklist to ensure minimal energy use during the holidays. 

Proper Signage for Paper, Recycling & Food Waste

Get proper signage for your recycling bins, food compost bins, and mixed paper bins. 

Sustainability Office Initiatives 

Check out the various initiatives the Sustainability Office and UCSC Campus are a part of.