Travel & Transport

We assess offices on their sustainable travel and transportation practices, such as the modes of transport office members take to get to work, the office’s use of video and teleconferencing in lieu of travel, and the office members’ use of alternative methods of transportation when traveling between meetings throughout campus (biking, bus, carpools, etc). Take advantage of these services and help save the environment!

Bike shuttle info

​Use the UCSC Bike Shuttle to get up that nasty lower campus hill and prevent dissapointment when the Metro bus bike racks are full. Service routes and schedules provided by UCSC Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS).

UCSC Bike Co-Op

​Need a tune-up? Got a flat? The Co-op has everything your bike needs to be happy. Located near classroom unit 2, behind the Grad Student Union.

The Bike Church

Located in Downtown Santa Cruz just off Pacific, The Bike Church (no religious affiliation) at the Hub for Sustainable Living provides low cost bike repairs and parts, and they teach you the skills you need to service your bike yourself! 

Santa Cruz Metro

Routes and service info provided by the City of Santa Cruz.

Campus Transit Service Schedule

Get around campus using the campus transit service. 

Register with Zipcar

Eliminate the need of having a car by registering with Zipcar, a carshare program that has pick up locations directly on campus!


Read a Carbon Neutrality Fellow's article about the pros and cons of telecommuting.

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