Kitchen & Shared Areas

We assess offices on their sustainable kitchen and shared areas, such as the use of reusable water bottles, having clearly marked mixed recycling bins in kitchen and all common areas, using reusable plates/cups/silverware in the kitchen or breakroom, and having a shared refrigerator appropriately sized for the number of people in the office. If your office needs more help on improving your kitchen and shared areas, please look at the valuable resources below. 

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

There are many manufacturers offering green cleaning solutions. 
Read Grist magazine's sustainability reviews of:

Here are a few locally available products:

Or make your own cleaning solutions to reduce toxins. 

Additionally, the Herb Room, located at 1130 Mission Street, offers bulk, organic cleaners that are often made by local companies.

Organic/Local Food Guide

Find a farmers’ market, organic farms and/or grocery co-ops in your area: go to Eat Well Guide or Local Harvest.

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