Green Procurement

Buying lab equipment?

There's a new and emerging certification for lab equipment that can easily help you make your choices.
The ACT Label was started by My Green Labs to identify sustainable products.

When making any purchase at UCSC, make sure to consult the UC Sustainable Procurement Guidelines.

The EPA's Energy Star Product Finder is another all around good option.



Buying a new freezer? Visit our Green Labs Incentive Page.

UCSC's 2020 Green Labs Cold Storage Menu provides good options and popular brands other PI’s are using across campus. Vendors have also provided an ULT freezer comparison. Thermo Fisher 2021 specs.

Reference UC Riverside's report on: Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Performance and Energy Use Tests

What about refrigerants? Climate-friendly freezers aren't just about the kWh. Read's newsletter about the climatic impact of HFCs. 

FREE STUFF: Freezer equipment promotion from ThermoScientific and also from VWR.

Kimberly-Clark Glove Line

Buy local, sustainable paper on CruzBuy: Item Number - UNV20100
Palace Art & Office Supply, 100% Recycled Copy Paper, 92 Brightness, 20lb, 8-1/2 x 11, White, 5000 Shts/Ctn


Looking for Funding? 
Check out the Carbon Fund and other opportunities.


Great News!
A new system will capture and reuse scarce helium for critical lab instruments