Green Office News

The Green Office now has monthly updates, part of the Sustainability Office newsletter. Check out new information on the program, interviews and highlights with offices and green champions, as well as articles and resources about how to be a more green office!

    February 2020

  • Sustainability Certificate Workshop

    We have successfully hosted our first Sustainability Certificate Program workshop about green office practices. It has been confirmed that this workshop will also be offered again in spring quarter. We will be announcing the date soon so keep an eye on the newsletter as well as the Sustainability Certificate Program webpage!
  • New Team Members!

    We are also happy to announce that the Green Team has grown to 4 members! We have hired Bonnie Feldberg and Elaina “Ellie” Vendegna. 

    Ellie Vendegna: I am a second year envs major. I'm excited to start working for the Green Office Team because I want to help make UCSC more environmentally friendly and a fun fact about me is orcas are my favorite animal. 

    Bonnie Feldberg: I’m a fourth-year Environmental Studies and Community Studies double major. I love cooking and reading and am looking forward to spending my last couple of quarters here working to make offices at UCSC more environmentally sustainable.

  • Recent Certifications

    We also Certified Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, and Earth and Planetary Sciences Office last quarter. They both have answered a few questions about their experience: 

    Astronomy and Astrophysics Department

    The Astronomy and Astrophysics Department was awarded the level of Sprout , to which they added that they have so much room to grow. When asked what steps is the office is taking to make their office a more sustainable environment, they said that “There was a large amount of recyclable paper waste in our trash so we encouraged people to place recycling bins in their office to collect it. After new signage is provided we would like to make maps specific to ISB, CFAO, and Nat Sci so people can easily locate different bins.” 

    The office is also exploring other ways to reduce and use compostable waste since there are no bins of that type in the Science Hill area and say that “suggestions are welcome”. 

    They said that “The process [of getting certified] was eye opening and exposed our team to the variety of issues our campus must face to create a more sustainable environment.  We were impressed with the work the Sustainability Office has done campus-wide. There were some metrics that did not fully capture the extent of our department's impact (not including air travel in transportation) and our score could have been worse.” We thank the Department of Astronomy for their time, efforts and future endeavors in sustainability!

    Earth and Planetary Sciences Department

    The Earth and Planetary Sciences Department Office has also been recently certified and received the certification level of Sapling. Amy Kornberg, Earth & Planetary Sciences, Dept. Assistant said that their office is “actively reducing the amount of waste” that the office produces and found the certification process to be informative. We thank the office for their involvement and efforts to become more sustainable and conscious of their environmental impacts. 

  • December 2019

  • Sustainability Certificate Workshop

    The Green Office Team is happy to announce that we will be hosting a sustainability workshop through the Sustainability Certificate Program. This workshop will focus on tools, tips and resources to empower offices to be more sustainable. There will be activities, discussions, and materials for people to use in their offices. The workshop will take place on January 15th, 2020. While spots are full for this year, ask around your office to see if your coworkers will be participating, they will be your new green office ambassadors! 
  • Green Office Associate Position

    The Green Office is looking for a new Green Office Associate. This position will ensure the ongoing success of the Green Office Team housed within the Sustainability Office. The student employee will be part of a student team that helps university staff and faculty implement sustainable practices at work. Part of this role also includes working with the Green Office Team to co-lead workshops and programs that provide resources and education for staff. More information on this page.

  • November 2019

  • November 2019We are excited to announce that we’re expanding our focus to provide education and resources to employees outside of the formal Green Office Certification Program. Our team name will now be “Green Office Team” to reflect this change. We will continue to offer a formal Certification for those who are interested, and have made overall program improvements to the Certification Process. This includes updates to our calculator and streamlining of the assessment process. Our goal is to both reach more offices across campus and provide greater breadth and depth of information.

  • Art Department gets Recertified!

  • We had the pleasure of certifying the UCSC Art Department again this past September. They did the recertification and reached our Tree level meaning that they are at the top tier of sustainability. We also sat down recently for an interview where they decribed their experience as “The Green Office Program is an excellent way to have offices at UCSC think about their impact on the environment and make improvements to their practices and habits that will benefit the environment. The process of getting certified by the wonderful green office staff is actually fun and informative. We recommend all offices on campus to participate.” Their studios have also been certified by our sister program the Green Labs Program (Insert link to green labs site). Overall, the Art department is a true green office that we are happy to have encouraged a sustainable environment. They concluded their interview with, “We are proud to show off our Tree level status and hope to inspire other units across campus to engage in the Green Office certification and work proactively to have less of a negative impact on our fragile environment”.