Carbon Neutrality Team

Ellen Vaughan, Priyanka Mathrani, Mehul Kamran and Sayuri Alwis (not pictured)

The Carbon Neutrality Initiative Team works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on campus by collaborating in the design and implementation of a variety of programs and projects. Our current areas of focus include:

  • Communicating Carbon Neutrality by 2025 - Educating campus faculty, staff, and students about the UC system-wide goal of reaching carbon neutrality and providing opportunities for the whole campus community to participate in reaching that goal.
    • If you would like a CNI Fellow to come to your class, club, or community group to talk about UCSC's energy use, emissions, and plans for reaching carbon neutrality, email James Willhite: jpwillhi at
  • PV on East Remote Parking Struture - Utilizing an energy dashboard to communicate the energy produced by UCSC's upcoming 2.1MW solar installation and working to implement the system's real-time data into the classroom. 
  • Cool Campus Challenge - Every few years, the UC Office of the President leads a friendly competition to reduce UC's carbon footprint and create a culture of sustainability across the campuses. Last challenge was in April, 2019.