Sustainability & Environmental Justice Ambassadors

Jude Sullenszino, Izabella Layne, Natalie Twilegar, Maya Mendoza and ileana Ortega Brunetti

The goal of the Sustainability & Environmental Justice Ambassador team is threefold:

  1. To increase the visibility and student understanding of environmental justice on campus through peer-to-peer education and outreach via the SEJA Instagram page (@ucscenvjustice); 
  2. To design accessible educational modules on environmental justice for undergraduate students; 
  3. To collaborate with and elevate the visibility of organizations on campus and in the community already doing important environmental justice work. 

Follow us on Instagram @ucscenvjustice to learn with us! We post a Term of the Week and IGTV's of our recent conference presentations, share environmental justice related events, and provide content recommendations and actions to take so you can continue your learning and growth! Check out examples below:

               Term of the Week from @ucscenvjustice.           contentrec_bipocenv.      

We invite you to tell us YOUR environmental justice story - share your story with us through this Google Form and be entered to win a raffle prize.

More information on resources coming soon!