UCSC Green Labs

Ellen Vaughan and Noah Sherod

Welcome to Green Labs

Welcome to UCSC Green Labs! The program is run by the Green Labs Team and consists of a certification program and an education & outreach initiative that implements energy efficiency, waste reduction, and purchasing programs in campus labs. 


The Green Labs program seeks to improve energy efficiency and increase green purchasing and waste reduction practices through behavior change, physical improvements, and education.

    UCSC Green Labs program has 3 goals:

  1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Lab buildings make up 1/5th of our campus's square footage but consumes 1/3rd of our electricity.

  2. WASTE REDUCTION: Lab Operations produce 12% of landfill-bound waste from campus

  3. GREEN PROCUREMENT: Laboratories are the single largest purchaser from CruzBuy

Get Involved   

Interested in becoming a UCSC Certified Green Lab?

Want to join in on the Education & Outreach Programs?

Or have any questions about Green Labs?

Contact us at greenlabs-group@ucsc.edu!