Climate Action Team

Sustainability Climate Action Team: Andrew Garcia, Chrissy Thomure, Sarina Sylavong, Kyra Fitz, Linnea Tucker

The Climate Action Team works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on campus by collaborating in the design and implementation of a variety of programs and projects. Our current areas of focus include:

  • Carbon Fund - We provide funding for student and staff projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conduct relevant research, or carry out education and behavioral change programs. To apply, visit the Carbon Fund page.
  • Green Revolving Loan Fund - We provide up-front capital for campus greenhouse gas reduction projects. Loans are paid back using the savings realized by the reductions in operating and utility costs. We recently completed our first pilot project and are working to improve and finalize the program details based on the results.
  • Green Labs Certification Program - Much like the Green Office Certification Program, we will empower campus labs to become more sustainable by incorporating resource saving practices into their everyday operations. The program will be piloted in two labs during Spring 2013.
  • Climate Action Plan (CAP) - We are creating an outreach strategy to inform the campus community of ways they can participate in achieving our CAP goals and targets.